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WACKER NEUSON can trace its roots back to 1848, when Johann Christian Wacker founded a blacksmith’s shop in the city of Dresden. In 1930, WACKER NEUSON registered its first patent for an electric rammer designed to compact soil. Today, as part of the WACKER NEUSON GROUP, WACKER NEUSON have over 400 patents and utility models and serve a highly diverse range of global markets. WACKER NEUSON offers complete solutions for professional equipment users in construction, utility and infrastructure, municipal, industrial, landscape and snow removal, agriculture and home owner markets.

Our certified technicians at SONTRAC EQUIPMENT support and service the complete line of WACKER NEUSON products, and our new equipment includes warranties that meet and exceed industry standards – and in some cases offering coverage lasting twice as long as the competition. Flexible and competitive financing is also available to help you improve cash flow and conserve capital for your other ventures.

WACKER NEUSON is a market leader respected for quality, performance and hands-on customer support.

Vibratory Rammers

Battery, 2 and 4 Stroke Vibratory Rammers

Vibratory Plates

Single Direction and Reversible Bibratory Plates


Remote Controlled, Walk-Behind and Ride-On Rollers


3,306.9 lb Payload – 23hp


6,614 lb Payload – 36.2hp


11,023 lb Payload – 74hp


13,228 lb Payload – 74hp

6,614 lb Payload – 36.2hp


19,842 lb Payload – 74hp


1,764 lb Payload – 9hp


2,205 lb Payload – 13hp


3,307 lb Payload – 20hp

Tracked Conventional Tail Excavators

1 – 14.5 Ton

Tracked Zero Tail Excavators

1.7 – 5.3 Ton


6.5 – 10 Ton

Large Selection of Attachment Tools

Portable Generators

2,500 to 10,000W Output

Mobile Generators

14 to 500KW Output

Light Towers

Portable and Compact

Hydronic Surface Heaters

140,000 – 385,000 BTU/hr

Diesel and NG Hydronic Air Heaters

850,000 BTU/hr

Indirect Fired Air Heaters

400,000 to 890,000 BTU/hr

Flameless Air Heaters

Direct Fired Air Heaters

115,000 to 155,000 BTU/hr

Articulated Wheel Loaders

49hp – .85 yd3  to 149hp – 2yd3

All Wheel Steer Loaders

47hp – .85yd3 to 100hp – 1.5yd3

Telescopic Wheel Loaders

75hp – 1.1yd3 to 102hp – 1.5yd3

Large Selection of Attachment Tools


30hp – 2,600lb Payload to 74hp – 3,900lb Payload

Large Selection of Attachment Tools

Small, Medium & Large Frame Wheel Skid Steer Loaders

1,600lb to 2,800lb Payload

Small, Medium & Large Frame Track Skid Steer Loaders

2,800lb to 4,500lb Payload

Large Selection of Attachment Tools

Internal Vibrators

Basic, Premium and Backpack Vibrators

Walk-Behind Trowels

24 to 48 inch

Ride-On Trowels

36 to 59 inch

Vibratory Screeds

4ft to 16ft Blade Lengths

Self Priming Trash Pumps

185 US GPM to 3,500 US GPM

Diaphragm Pumps

50 US GPM to 88 US GPM

Submersible Pumps

Dewatering Pumps