HDR115 Radiant Heater


HDR115 – HDR115 Direct Fired Radiant Heater

Best in class 115,000 BTU/hr to maximize your heat output with an operating range of -25 ?C to 45 ?C.

An active air cooling system keeps the rear of the machine significantly cooler than competitive models without the need for refractory panels.

Pneumatic tires and single point lift bail for easy transport, along with rugged rotomolded plastic fuel tank with 13.4 hour run time, make these heaters jobsite and rental friendly.

Front panel made from 300 series stainless steel for extreme performance and longevity.

Heaters are CSA approved.

L x W x H Overall
35.24 x 20.94 x 31.81 in

Runtime 13.23 h


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